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Stephen accidentally drinks the LSD meant for Carla in Corrie

How much will his mistake cost him?

As Stephen tries to hold a vote of no confidence in Carla, claiming she isn't fit to take the reins, Faye gets out her phone to tip off Carla.

When Dick Havisham arrives at Underworld, he belittles Stephen for being incompetent and Carla summons Stephen to the office to give him a rollicking for trying to oust her from the business. Leaving Sarah saddened.

Elaine is thrilled when Stephen agrees to buy the Redbank apartment as flatmates after telling him that it's outside of her budget. Excited, Elaine secretly wishes they were moving in together as a couple and Stephen makes a surreptitious phone call, saying he needs an urgent meeting.

As Carla prepares for the Nippersnapper presentation, Stephen laces her tea with LSD, but as she takes a sip she spits it out, complaining that he's used full-fat milk! Realising he's given her the wrong one, Stephen worries that either he or Sarah has drunk LSD.

Arriving at the hotel for the presentation, Stephen's vision becomes blurred and he starts to sweat profusely as he takes to the stage. Realising in horror that he must have taken the LSD, Stephen takes a trip down memory lane. Will he unmask himself?

Meanwhile, Stephen tells Elaine that he’d like to keep their engagement a secret for the time being and just enjoy the moment.

Berating Stephen for pulling out of the presentation and leaving Sarah to carry the can, Carla makes it clear he’s to have nothing more to do with the American deal.

Seething, Stephen heads to the precinct intent on buying more drugs. However, when two lads pocket his money and laugh in his face, Stephen sees red.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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