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Stephen is pushed to breaking point in Corrie as Elaine lies unconscious on the floor

Has he killed again?

Striding over to Stephen, Owen reveals that following a frank discussion with Jenny, they’d both like to know why he told them each a pack of lies. As Stephen scratches about for a plausible reason, Owen tells him that once he takes over the factory, he’s fired.

When Stephen then warns Carla against selling the factory, he kicks himself after she insists that she has to for the sake of her mental health. Letting the frustrations of the day get the better of him, Stephen trashes the factory floor and when Michael arrives to witness his meltdown, he wonders what’s going on.

As Elaine unpacks their new flat, Stephen once again suggests to Elaine that they should buy Carla’s share of the business. But Stephen is left masking his fury after Elaine tells him that she will never invest a penny in the factory and they should simply enjoy their retirement.

Unaware that Stephen has replaced her blood pressure pills with caffeine pills, Elaine is exhausted and jittery. Handing her a glass of water, Stephen reminds her it’s time for her pills

When Carla tells Stephen that if he doesn’t come up with the money quickly, she’ll sell to Owen, he feels the pressure and laces Elaine’s tea.

When Elaine admits to not feeling well, Stephen feigns concern and offers to get some food. Alone and overcome by dizziness, Elaine stumbles and hits her head. Returning to find Elaine unconscious on the floor, Stephen quietly backs out of the flat. Has he killed again?

Later, after sharing his suspicions with Steve, Tim confronts Stephen, demanding details about what happened to Elaine.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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