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Stephen is shocked as Rufus' widow uncovers a key piece of evidence in Corrie

Can Stephen stop Lou from showing his tie clip to the police?

With the inquest report into Rufus’s death due tomorrow, Rufus’ wife Lou calls at the factory and tells Stephen and Michael she’s cancelled the meeting as she suspects foul play and has contacted the Gazette.

After masking his panic, Stephen sits alone in the factory office, scouring the press for reports about Rufus’s death.

The following day, as Carla and Stephen see a client out of the factory, Stephen's heart sinks when Lou approaches. Confiding in him and Carla, Lou tells them that as far as she’s concerned, Rufus’s drug-fuelled death still doesn’t stack up. And Stephen assures her it was obviously a tragic accident.

At Rufus' memorial, when his son Jools asks Stephen how he knew his dad, he struggles and feeling guilty hurries out.

Returning with the staff from the factory in tow he explains to Carla that he thought it would make Rufus look more popular. But when Jools makes an emotional speech about his Dad, Carla and Lou watch Stephen as he hurries off to the gents.

When Stephen returns, he's horrified to find his tie pin in a bag that Lou shows him, containing Rufus’ things that were found by the side of the pool. And when Lou mentions Rufus’ missing watch Peter is forced to confess to Carla that he found it in the back of his cab and pawned it for her rehab.

As the tie pin didn't belong to Rufus, Lou reveals that she's going to show it to the police, leaving Stephen in shock. Could the truth of what happened be about to come out?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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