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Stephen kills again in Corrie as Teddy accuses him of killing Leo

How much more can Stephen get away with?

When Stephen finds Rita struggling with some bags for the charity shop, he offers to take them in Audrey’s car for her, leaving Jenny impressed and Rita grateful.

In the Rovers, Stephen confides in Gail that he’s worried Elaine might be reading too much into their friendship and overhearing, Teddy parks himself at Stephen and Elaine’s table. With Elaine miffed at the intrusion, Stephen’s secretly grateful.

When Elaine leaves, Teddy explains to Stephen that he overheard his conversation with Gail and thought he’d come to his rescue. Grateful, Stephen offers to get the drinks in, but when Teddy suddenly remembers something about the accident, Stephen starts to panic.

Confiding in Tim in the Rovers, Elaine tells him how Stephen has cooled towards her since she lent him £12k, leaving him horrified. And Jenny's ears prick up.

In the café, Stephen is relieved when Teddy agrees to abandon his trip, but when Billy says something to Teddy it triggers a memory. As Stephen heads out of the factory, Teddy approaches and reveals that he now remembers everything, accusing Stephen of having done something to Leo.

Getting angrier and angrier, Teddy reveals that he remembers every word of their conversation before the accident. Leading Teddy into the factory, Stephen suggests they can talk inside.

In the factory office, Teddy accuses Stephen of doing everything he can to stop him from going to Canada because in truth he killed Leo in a bid to have Jenny for himself.

When Teddy vows to report him to the police, Stephen whacks him over the head. Stephen has killed again.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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