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Stephen's diary throws doubts over who Sarah's father is in Corrie

How will Sarah react when David tells her what he saw?

Showing Stephen’s belongings to Jenny, Audrey asks her if there’s anything she’d like and Jenny takes his laptop, explaining that she used to borrow it from time to time. And when David suggests she should throw Stephen’s diary in the bin as she’ll find it upsetting, Audrey won’t hear of it, adamant that he wasn’t all bad.

Jenny's excitement over Daisy buying the pub is cut short when Shona points out she will have to take orders from her and Jenny logs onto Stephen's laptop to look for her list of suppliers.

As Audrey refuses to bin the rest of Stephen’s things, David studies his journal and is taken aback to discover that Gail was initially unsure who Sarah’s father was.

After letting slip to Carla about what has happened, Jenny searches the files on Stephen’s laptop and finds the last one he edited on the day he died, entitled ‘Infinity Seagull Ventures’. Together, Jenny and Carla head to the police station but Swain explains that they don’t have the resources to try and crack the password on the file.

Calling at The Kabin, clutching the notebook, Audrey explains to Carla and Jenny that it’s Stephen’s journal and they realise it could hold the key to Stephen’s passwords.

Meanwhile, how will Sarah react when David tells her that Gail wasn’t sure who her Dad was when she was born?

And as Gail tells the family that she’s sick of all the in-fighting, Audrey needs their support and wants them all to meet at 11am tomorrow morning to sort things out. 

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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