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Stephen's embarrassment in Corrie leads to a loss of control

Will he survive his moped accident?

Stephen is thrilled to receive an email inviting him to an interview regarding some consultancy work. But as he attends an interview with Drake via video call, it doesn’t go well.

Out of desperation, Stephen takes a call from the agency offering him a job as a fast food delivery driver, and he accepts.

As he makes his first fast food delivery to Drake at the trendy ad agency, Drake finds it highly amusing that he’s been forced to take such a lowly job. Calling at the fast food delivery company, Stephen tells them to shove their job.

Later, he tells Nick that sending Sam on a cruise with Audrey might not be such a good idea as he reckons she’s drinking again and Nick insists the holiday must go ahead leaving Stephen thwarted.

Calling in the salon, Stephen steals Audrey’s antidepressants from her bag and invites Nick to join him and Audrey in the Rovers to talk about the cruise. Taking out the antidepressants, Stephen crushes them into a powder and while Audrey heads to the loo, Stephen pulls out the crushed tablets, intent on spiking her drink. What will happen to Audrey?

Meanwhile, Stephen takes a call from Gabrielle revealing that she’s cancelled his car contract and Sarah asks Stephen for a lift to her meeting. As the walls are closing in on Stephen, will it force him to put Audrey in danger?

Desperate, Stephen calls Six Fellas, the fast food company, and begs them to give him his job back. Making out to Gail that the call is about a business meeting, he hurries off, unaware he’s dropped his phone.

In Bolton, the boss begrudgingly gives Stephen his job back and later, he's accosted by teenagers who steal his delivery box, work phone and demand money.

As Stephen spots Elaine approaching he attempts to race away on his moped but in his haste loses control and goes sprawling across the road.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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