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Stephen's lies catch up with him in Corrie

Is Teddy about to put Stephen in the frame for Leo's murder?

Stephen paints on a smile after Elaine insists he joins her for a glass of wine as he realises he has little choice.

As Tim senses that Elaine’s feelings for Stephen are not reciprocated, Stephen calls at No.8 with the gift she gave him.

Assuming it’s for his birthday, David’s underwhelmed to discover a hip flask and showing Gail brands it a very stingy present from someone who’s supposedly so wealthy.

When Gail then spots Elaine buying a bottle of whisky for the hip flask she bought Stephen, Gail voices her suspicions to Nick who vows to get to the bottom of it. As Elaine hands over the whisky to Stephen, Gail reveals that she’s spoken to Gabrielle and he’s got some explaining to do.

As Sarah tells Stephen her business venture is all set to go once he provides the funding, Stephen squirms. Bigging it up to Elaine, he suggests rather than lending him the money, she should invest directly through Sarah.

Revealing she knows all about their plans, Carla has it out with Sarah who is furious and drags Michael out, announcing that they both resign. But when Stephen confesses he can’t find the cash, Sarah is gutted.

After Elaine says she’d like to invest but her house sale has fallen through, Sarah and Michael are left with little choice and return to the factory to beg Carla for their jobs back. But will she agree?

When Jenny reveals that Teddy called from Canada with some new information regarding Leo and will be dropping by later to discuss what he's found out, Stephen masks his inner turmoil as he's filled with dread.

Stephen's day goes from bad to worse when Adam explains he’s been contacted by Six Fellas, but when he says they want to settle out of court, Stephen wonders if his luck is changing.

As Teddy, clearly worse for wear, heads to the Rovers, Stephen catches him and Teddy reveals that Leo never arrived in Canada as the texts he sent came from Weatherfield and he intends to break the news to Jenny.

But as Teddy crosses the street, he’s hit by a van and Nick clocks the accident with horror as Teddy lies unconscious in the road. When Jenny hurries over, have all Stephen’s problems been solved?

On New Year's Eve, Stephen’s relieved to see £10k in his account and when Jenny reveals that she’s had a call from the hospital informing her that Teddy’s taken a turn for the worse, Stephen’s quietly thrilled.

He tells her that just before Teddy’s accident, he confided in him that he saw Leo in Canada and he made it very clear that he never wanted to see either of them again.

As the New Year celebrations begin, Tim, Sally, Elaine and Stephen watch the fireworks and Stephen tells Elaine that he’s got a feeling that 2023 is going to be a good year.

The next day, Jenny and Stephen visit a still unconscious Teddy in hospital, but when Teddy suddenly opens his eyes, Stephen’s mounting panic is evident. What will Teddy say?

In the hospital, Jenny assures Teddy that one day his memory will return and then they’ll all know the full story regarding Leo and Stephen privately hopes she's wrong. When Jenny reveals that she’s invited Teddy to move in while he recuperates, Stephen’s quietly horrified.

Later, Stephen watches in despair as Jenny returns from the hospital with Teddy in tow and helps him into the pub.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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