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Stephen starts to seed the idea that Elaine is suffering from depression in Corrie

But will he be believed?

With Carla demanding a meeting with Seagull Ltd, Stephen begs his ex Gabrielle to masquerade as a consultant from his fake company, promising to make it worth her while.

Watching as Carla attends the Zoom call with Seagull, Stephen can see that Carla is taken in by Gabrielle's sterling performance. But when Sarah returns for her laptop, Stephen’s thrown into panic. Is the game up?

Later, Stephen tells Elaine that he’s booked her a wedding consultation with a personal shopper and Audrey’s going with her.

As they return with their wedding outfits, the good mood is broken when Tim makes his dislike of Stephen clear and tells them not to bother sending him an invitation.

On Stephen’s advice, Elaine writes Tim a letter telling him how much he’s hurt her and how she can’t take anymore.

Soon, Stephen plants the seed in Dr Gaddas' head that Elaine is depressed, telling her that he’s worried Elaine is depressed and that she might do something drastic as she refuses to seek help.

Stephen also plants the seed in Sally’s head, who tells Tim that Stephen is worried Elaine might be suffering from depression brought on by all the recent conflict and urges him to change his attitude for his Mum’s sake.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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