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Steve's eagerness to please sees him taken advantage of in Corrie

Is Steve too trusting? And is Tracy right to be concerned?

When Amy informs Steve of a leaky ceiling at No.1, Steve blames Jacob’s cowboy burglar mate for making a botched job of the roof repairs. That's before Ed collars Steve to reveal that the roof at No.3 is also leaking.

Rather than tackle it himself, Tracy urges Steve to hire a professional to fix the roof and when he drops off a passenger, Viv, Steve reveals that her husband is a roofer and offers to send him round to No.1 to price up the job.

Having surveyed the roof, Arnie asserts that he can start straight away but it’ll cost £3k and he needs the money up front. As Steve agrees, Tracy is left concerned.

When Arnie the roofer fails to turn up at No.1, Tracy rails at Steve for paying him up front and when John the scaffolder pulls up outside No.1, demanding payment up front, Steve explains that he’s already paid.

Stating that the scaffolding was included in the price, John is adamant that that’s not the case.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV

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