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Stevie ends up in hospital after Will loses his temper towards his grandad in EastEnders

But when his son Teddy pays him a visit, how will Stevie explain himself?


With Billy and the rest of the Mitchells pointing the finger of suspicion at him, Stevie is on a mission to track down the thief who stole Lola’s charity money. But as he tries to probe Will at the café about his involvement, what will he learn?

Later in the pub, Will fiercely defends Stevie to Phil and storms off when Phil won’t entertain Stevie’s innocence.

Seeing his grandson heading home, Stevie follows Will and gets him to admit what he did. But as Steve counsels Will to confess, he refuses and loses his temper. In a moment of madness, Will knocks Stevie over and rushes off, leaving his grandad motionless on the floor.

Seeing Will bolting out of the flat, Phil goes in to find an unconscious Stevie and calls the ambulance.

As the Mitchells all rush to the hospital. Phil confronts Will about what happened and when Will confesses everything, Phil goes to find Kyle, the boy blackmailing Will.

Back at the hospital, doctors tell the relieved Mitchells that Stevie has a concussion but will be OK.

Later, three new faces arrive in Albert Square looking for Stevie, his son Teddy and grandsons Harry and Barney and Billy tells Stevie that he’s glad he’ll be OK, but they are finished as family.

Lagging behind, Will apologises to Stevie, who is shocked to see Teddy. Sending Will off, Stevie lies to his son about when he’s been and doesn’t tell him who Will is.

Curious, Teddy makes it his mission to find out the truth and seeing Will with Billy, follows them back to Albert Square.

Later, Billy gets a text from Elaine to say Will is in the bar with a man she doesn’t recognise and everyone rushes to The Vic, where it looks like a fight is about to kick off. Until Stevie reveals that Teddy is Billy’s brother!

With Billy reeling at Stevie’s revelation, Teddy demands to know who put his dad in hospital. As accusations fly, tempers flare and Stevie has a lot of explaining to do about the secret family he’s just introduced.

Overwhelmed, Billy rushes off and Stevie follows, leaving Teddy and Phil to cross swords.

Meanwhile, Harry does his own digging for information on Walford and chats up Penny. As they get to know each other, sparks fly and Barney meets Avani, who gives him the lowdown on life in Walford.

Elsewhere, Phil invites Callum and Jay to watch the football with him and all is going well until Kevin, Kyle’s father, arrives, accusing Phil of terrorising his child

EastEnders continues Wednesday to Friday on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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