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Stu grows jealous of Yasmeen's bond with Roy in Corrie

But will his plan to put things right, backfire?

When Stu and Yasmeen have to break the news to Eliza that her Mum has been moved to a prison in the northeast, Eliza’s upset, knowing she’ll see even less of her.

Later, Stu does his best to mask his jealousy as Yasmeen waxes lyrical about how she and Roy made the perfect team at the pub quiz.

After admitting to Alya that he fears Yasmeen is going off him in favour of Roy, Stu is assured that that's not the case and Alya urges him to take an interest in Yasmeen’s hobbies.

Later, Yasmeen's thrilled when Stu reveals he’s booked a couple of places on an art course. But when Yasmeen calls Roy, Alya explains that Stu booked the art so they could spend more time together. Realising she has some making up to do, Yasmeen apologises.

Meanwhile, Eliza takes a secret video call from a man called Dom.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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