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STU IS ARRESTED for breach of the peace in Corrie as his life spirals

But has he lost Kelly and Yasmeen for good?

When Zeedan returns from his holiday, Alya brings him up to speed on Stu and how worried she is about the effect the bombshell is having on Yasmeen.

Appalled to read on social media about Stu, Kelly vows to get Stu’s side of the story and when she and Aadi find him lying in the street, drunk and barely conscious, Aadi phones for an ambulance.

At the hospital, when Kelly is told that Stu is awake, she prepares to ask him some hard questions about his past and tells Yasmeen that Stu is in hospital. But when Yasmeen appears by Stu's hospital bed, she refuses to hear him out.

Feeling worthless and insisting Kelly is best off without him, Stu barks that she’s a nuisance who’s not welcome anymore and Kelly leaves, very upset.

When Alya leaves for her holiday, she leaves Zeedan to keep an eye on Yasmeen and his first job is to send Stu packing when he turns up wanting to speak to Yasmeen.

Later, Yasmeen arrives at No.6 to find Stu retrieving his watch from his old room. When he refuses to leave until she’s heard the truth, Yasmeen surreptitiously presses “call” on her phone to alert Zeedan.

Having received Yasmeen’s SOS, Zeedan bursts into No.6 with Craig in tow who arrests Stu for breach of the peace.

With Stu in custody, Yasmeen organises a charity fundraising event and both she and Elaine are impressed when Stephen offers to sponsor a raffle prize for their Fundraiser. And Elaine is relieved that Yasmeen has no intention of going on another date with Stephen.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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