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Stuart displays WORRYING BEHAVIOUR in EastEnders

When Karen suggests he could have postnatal depression, will he listen?

Jay is unimpressed when Stuart is late and it gets worse for Stuart as he forgets certain details for the funeral which leaves Mitch upset.

After the funeral, Jay fires Stuart because of the increasing amounts of complaints and at the hospital, Stuart meets with his doctor to discuss his cancer diagnosis.

As Callum and Vi worry about Stuart, Karen joins them in looking for him and they find him packing away all his belongings. Sensing all is not well, they ask him about his cancer diagnosis but they're left even more confused about his behaviour after he tells them he has the all-clear.

When left alone with Karen, Stuart starts to open up after she understands where his pain is coming from and tells her that he’s signed over all his parental rights to Rainie as she never wants to see Stuart again.

Attempting to make him see this could be postnatal depression, Karen encourages him to get help. After some convincing, Stuart agrees to see a GP and despite it clashing with Bernie’s party, Karen goes with him.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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