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As he makes some big decisions about his future.

After an anxious Stuart snaps, he disposes of his anti-depressants prescription and spotting him outside of his NA/AA meeting, Linda intervenes when she sees him near a drug dealer. As the situation gets heated, Stuart grows desperate and purchases some drugs.

He later hands them to Jada and seeks out Linda to apologise. But he's met with a frosty response from Mick.

Unable to get an appointment at the GP, a riled-up Stuart takes drastic action and as the situation escalates, Bernie does all she can to help a frantic Stuart. Not realising he was living with PND, Bernie apologises for that and for helping Rainie leave the Square.

Convinced he has been misdiagnosed, Stuart grows desperate and as he continues to battle with his health, he leans on those around him for support in order to confront his diagnosis finally.

As his health situation comes to a head, Stuart makes some big decisions about his future.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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