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Stuart hands Roland back to Bernie in EastEnders

Can Rainie convince Bernie to hand him back?

Reluctant to look after Roland for the day, Stuart ignores his cries in the café and realising something is wrong, Sonia later visits Stuart who reveals he doesn't feel anything for Roland. And she gives him the details of a cancer mental health support group.

When Vi returns and reveals Sonia has spoken to her, Stuart snaps and throws the support group information in the bin as he doesn’t want to be Roland’s dad.

As Rainie prepares for the social worker’s visit to discuss the parental order, she panics when Stuart is nowhere to be found and with the social worker waiting, Vi and Callum track Stuart down and encourage him to support Rainie.

When the meeting gets underway, Stuart is overwhelmed and abruptly ends the meeting, ushering the social worker out. Things get worse when Stuart spirals out of control and despite Rainie’s pleas, takes Roland back to Bernie and says he doesn’t want him.

Worried for Roland, Karen and Bernie take the baby, leaving Rainie devasted. In shock after what's happened, Rainie visits the Taylors and begs them to let her explain. As Bernie listens to Rainie

Meanwhile, Vi worries about Stuart and in the market, he causes a scene.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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