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Suki and Ravi are taken in for questioning as Ranveer's body is found in EastEnders

Is the truth about what they did about to come out?

Ignoring Eve, Suki berates Ravi for his fight with Kheerat and he reveals Nina has reported Ranveer missing.

Thinking that Nish has won all the kids over, Suki is shocked when Kheerat tells her the family knows the true reason he was in prison. As their conversation gets heated, Suki reveals the truth.

Eve is surprised to find Suki at her door, whilst Kheerat watches from afar, and Stacey awkwardly walks in on them. Later, Suki meets with Nish and they connect over the loss of Jags.

Worrying that Suki may confess and ruin their plans to steal Ranveer’s money. Nina and Ravi are interrupted by the police arriving with some unsettling news. A body they believe to be Ranveer’s has been found.

Breaking the news to Nish and Suki, Ravi reveals that the discovery of Ranveer's body is being classed as murder. As desperation kicks in, Suki bumps into Eve and Kheerat and discloses that Ranveer has been found dead.

Elsewhere, Nina frets to Ravi about becoming a suspect in Ranveer's murder and Suki later receives a message from the police wanting to speak to her about Ranveer's murder. And Kheerat and Nish overhear Ravi receiving a similar call.

Later, tensions run high in The Vic, as Nina tells Ravi she won’t take the fall for this.

As Suki gets ready to head to the station, she remains distracted when Kheerat, Nish, and Ravi discuss her approach to questioning.

Spotting Nina at the surgery, Ravi questions her motives and at the station, Suki manages to hold herself together under questioning.

As Eve wonders if Suki really is the murderer, Nish catches a glance between the two of them.

When Ravi heads for the station, he is interrogated about his past, and relationships with the Panesars, particularly Suki.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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