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Suki cuts Eve out of her life in EastEnders after Vinny's failed attempt to end Eve's life

Is Nish about to discover the truth about Suki and Eve?

On Father's Day, as Suki throws herself into playing the perfect wife and mother, Vinny can’t help sniping at her. And as the Panesars gather with Ravi and Nugget at The Vic to celebrate as a family, Vinny is annoyed to see Eve there.

When Suki goes to the toilet, Eve accosts her and begs her to stop living a lie. Waiting outside the ladies, Vinny has a go at Suki before threatening Eve who tells him to do his worst.

When Vinny disappears, Suki panics as he heads straight to Taylor’s Autos and tampers with the brakes on Finlay’s sportscar, knowing Eve is about to drive it to Brighton.

Clocking that Vinny has tampered with the car Eve is about to drive, Suki rushes to Taylor’s Autos.

Returning to The Vic, Eve tells Finlay the trip is off and Suki collars Vinny to berate him for trying to kill Eve. But when he accuses her of protecting her secret lover. Suki insists it’s all over with Eve and she’ll prove it. Telling him that she’s made her choice, and that’s him and the family.

Lying to Nish, Suki tells him that they need to sack Eve as she keeps messing up. When Vinny asks to be the one to sack her, Suki convinces Nish to let him.

With Eve devastated to have been sacked, Nish suspects there’s more to it and quizzes Vinny.

Over at Taylor’s Autos, Keanu realises Finlay’s car was deliberately damaged and Finlay is freaked out that someone wanted to hurt him and finds Vinny’s necklace under the vehicle.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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