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Suki leaves for Mumbai in EastEnders as Nish arrives in Walford

Will their paths cross?

After seeing Suki rudely dismiss Eve when telling Kheerat about a business meeting that she wants him to join, Stacey makes an online dating profile for Eve.

Finding out, Eve is unimpressed when Stacey reveals that she has matched her with a date who’s coming to The Albert. Whilst on her date, Eve and Stacey bump into Suki and Ravi and Stacey makes it clear that Suki should stay away from Eve.

Ravi suggests to an agitated Suki that he should take the business meeting with Harpreet, but she insists she is fine. During the meeting, Harpreet asks about working with Ranveer, implying that Suki has had to sacrifice her morals in order to do business with him.

Overwhelmed, Suki bolts out the door in a panic and noticing Suki in distress, Eve sneaks away from her date to comfort her. Empowered by Eve’s support, Suki charms Harpreet who instantly wants to do business with her, offering to fly her to Mumbai the next day.

Later, at No.31, Suki thanks Eve for her advice, and they passionately kiss.

In the café, Eve tells a stressed Vinny about Suki leaving for Mumbai and picking up on his relief, asks him to encourage Ash and Kheerat to support Suki. She later encourages Kheerat to see his mum before she leaves.

Overhearing Stacey mentioning Hope’s birthday party is cancelled, Ravi offers to host it at Walford East and Eve follows a hurt Suki home where they give into their feelings.

Elsewhere, Vinny is shocked to be told that Nish will still be leaving prison today. And when Nish arrives in Walford, he sends Vinny into a panic.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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