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Suki meddles with Ash's future in EastEnders

How will Ash feel when she finds out?

Refusing to give in to Suki’s orders to work at the new GP surgery with Nina, Ash reveals that she's moving to Canada.

But as Suki goes to meet with Nina to discuss a job for Ash, she learns that Nina is dating Ranveer, making her more desperate than ever for Ash to work there.

Learning that her job in Canada has fallen through, Ash is devasted and when Suki arrives home, she tries to bribe Ash into applying for the GP job with a car.

As she tries to sell the car, Ash tells Suki that she'll apply for the job at the new GP surgery, before soon realising that she has been through her emails and knows about the job in Canada.

Furious, Suki tells Ash she can’t reward her for lying and demands the car keys back, telling her she’ll need to find her own job.

After sharing some home truths, Ash storms out and Suki opens Ash’s laptop and applies for the GP job behind her back.

Later, finding out, Ash confronts Suki for meddling with her life and when Nina overhears, they're forced to cover.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC Two

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