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Suki PANICS when questions are asked about Ranveer's whereabouts in EastEnders

But will her launch be free of all drama?

Aware that something is up with Suki, Eve overhears the end of an argument between her and Ravi and encourages Suki to tell her what’s wrong.

When Eve and Stacey encourage Kheerat to attend the opening of Walford East, he refuses.

As the launch party begins, Suki is anxious about explaining Kheerat and Ranveer’s absence but she calms when Eve enters with Vinny, Ash, Stacey and Kheerat. However, Suki panics when a family friend asks Kheerat about Ranveer and Ravi swoops in.

When Stacey queries his obsession with Ranveer's whereabouts, Kheerat scolds Stacey for drinking too much.

As she heads into the kitchen, Ravi finds her and they have a flirty interaction. However, it's cut short by an unimpressed Kheerat who tells Suki that he has suspicions about Ravi and Ranveer. But she brushes him off.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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