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Suki receives some shocking news in EastEnders

And Ben opens up to Callum.

Kheerat hands Ben the money to pay for Jag’s protection in prison, just as Sharon walks into the café. Ben doesn’t hide his disdain but Kheerat keeps quiet. Later, Kheerat visits Sharon to apologise for earlier, but she brushes it off.

After Iqra tells Kheerat that Habiba has had her baby, Suki finds out and isn't happy to realise that Kheerat knew before her.

To make matters worse, she discovers that Kheerat is also paying Habiba’s rent. With Suki furious, Kheerat has had enough and storms out. Later, he takes Sharon away for the night as it’s time he starts doing what he wants.

After confronting Whitney about spending time with Callum, Ben is told to talk to his husband and later at The Vic, Ben demands an explanation from Callum.

As a tipsy and upset Ben phones to organise protection for Jags, he sees an excitable Kheerat with Sharon. Livid at this fresh betrayal, Ben makes a call. Later, a bleary-eyed Ben returns home to a worried Callum after spending the night out.

After spending the night with Sharon, Kheerat arrives home to find Suki still furious and Vinny begging him to make peace. Later, he sadly tells Sharon that they need to cool it off as it’s becoming too complicated.

Meeting up with Ben, Kheerat comes clean about Sharon, but tells him it's over and thanks Ben for looking after Jags. But Ben's guilt is settling in. And as Kheerat goes to apologise to Suki, he quickly realises that she is crying. But why? What could have happened?

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One


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