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Suki's worrying behaviour continues in EastEnders as Kheerat believes Ranveer is missing

Will the truth come out?

When Eve spots a dishevelled-looking Suki walking through the Square in her nightdress, she's shocked and rushes her over to Ash who takes her to surgery. Leaving her alone with Dr Nina, Ash and Eve try to get to the bottom of what's going on.

After Nugget tells Ravi about the state Suki is in, Eve brings her home and picks up that something isn’t right. Hearing from Alfie about what happened with Suki, Kheerat is confused and questions Ravi who covers and says Suki was sleepwalking.

Adamant something isn’t right, Eve heads back to Suki’s and refuses to leave until she gets the truth. Cautiously opening up to Eve, Suki tells her about Ranveer attempting to sexually assault her. But will she tell her the full truth?

Meanwhile, Jack, Howie and Ravi arrive at the school and bicker as they each defend their children and the teacher calls everyone into the office and demands to know what happened.

Learning from Howie that Nugget was also in trouble last week, Ravi tries to talk to his son. However, his focus turns elsewhere as he worries about Suki’s whereabouts and is alarmed when Eve brings her home.

Alone, Ravi makes an urgent call to someone telling them they have a problem. As he tries to get Suki back on plan, Ravi manipulates her into feeling sorry for him. And the pressure mounts for Ravi when Nugget’s headteacher arrives to discuss his poor behaviour.

After learning just how close Nugget was to Ranveer, both Suki and Ravi are left feeling guilty.

When Kheerat takes Stacey on a date, he's soon distracted by work, which leaves her frustrated. He later reveals to Stacey and Eve that he believes Ranveer has gone missing.

After paying Nina a visit, Kheerat is forced to apologise to Stacey for missing their date.

The next day, Ravi suggests the Panesars celebrate Nugget’s birthday and manipulates Vinny and Ash into coming along. With things still tense, Kheerat declines the offer but after some words of wisdom from Stacey, he decides to attend.

At the meal, Kheerat grows more suspicious of Ranveer’s whereabouts.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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