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Summer admits to Aaron that she's still pregnant in Corrie

But when Billy stages an intervention, what will Summer tell him?

After asserting that his Dad needs to go into rehab, Aaron reveals that it costs so it’s impossible and Summer meets up with Mike and Esther at a private hospital and agrees to let them adopt her baby.

Following Summer's scan, Mike assures her that they’ll provide her with all the emotional and financial support she needs. And Summer announces that she needs £10k upfront.

Meeting up with Aaron, Summer drops the bombshell that she’s still pregnant and is giving their baby to Mike and Esther, who in return have given her the £10k he needs for his Dad to go into rehab. How will he react?

After seeking Dr Gaddas’s advice over her morning sickness, Summer returns home and overcome by a wave of nausea, throws up in the sink.

With Billy convinced that Summer’s eating disorder is back with a vengeance, Summer later returns home to find Billy, Todd and Paul waiting for her.

Will Summer tell them the truth? And how will Billy react to the news that she and Aaron are moving into the builder’s yard flat with Amy and Jacob?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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