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Summer becomes a victim of upskirting in Corrie

As her anxiety around food spirals.

After Summer reveals that she’s had a conditional offer from Oxford University, Aadi urges Amy to bury the hatchet with Summer as they used to get on so well.

When Summer returns home with a bag of junk food, she's suddenly startled when Amy arrives and hides the food, hoping Amy didn't notice. But having clocked the sweets, Amy assures Summer it’s up to her what she eats and a guilty Summer makes out they're not for her. Returning home, Summer takes out her stash of sweets and loads them into her school bag.

After Summer’s diabetes appointment at the hospital, Jacob approaches Summer and Amy with his arm in a sling and assures them that he no longer has anything to do with the drugs gang. But Amy warns him to stay away.

Later, in Victoria Garden, Amy and Summer are disgusted to find Max looking at an upskirting photo on his phone and Summer is horrified to realise it’s a photo of her!

As Amy and Asha urge Summer to report the upskirting photo to the police, Summer’s too embarrassed and Amy tears a strip off Max for looking at upskirting pictures and tells him she intends to find out who’s taking the photos and make sure they’re punished.

Back in the flat, Summer stuffs herself with chocolate and then heads to the bathroom where she makes herself sick.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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