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Summer holds Sienna at gunpoint in Hollyoaks in life-altering scenes

As Brody goes to extreme lengths to save Sienna.

Unable to get on-the-run Summer out of her mind, a frustrated Sienna struggles to focus on work and Liberty encourages her to confide in Brody - the only other person who understands what she’s going through.

When an incident occurs, Sienna doesn't want to return to school and Liberty offers her some words of wisdom.

Later, DS Cohen has a new development in the Summer Ranger case - Summer's body has potentially been found. After hearing the shocking news, Sienna musters the courage to go to the hospital alone to confirm it’s her.

Going against Sienna’s wishes, Liberty tells Brody about the latest development. As he goes to support her, they both have a mutual hope that they can be free from her.

However, after viewing her body, they realise that it’s not her and Brody shifts his anger towards Sienna.

After a talk with Damon, Brody comes to a realisation but ends up getting the wrong end of the stick after a drunken Warren implies that he slept with Sienna.

Elsewhere, Liberty tries to make amends after what she put her through and brings Leah a thoughtful gift. But whilst dropping it off with Ste, they put two and two together and realise that Leah is not in school where she should be.

Ste is furious to find her dancing with Trish and trying to get her revenge on Liberty, Leah tells Ste that she spotted Summer at school and when the police are notified, the lie results in bickering Brody and Sienna being forced to spend time together in a safe house.

As the former lovers have a heart-to-heart, a happy ending could be on the horizon, but unbeknownst to them, Summer is lurking in the shadows.

Reunited, Brody and Sienna get the green light to return home, Sienna is confronted with her worst fear, an armed Summer.

As Sienna is held at gunpoint on a cliff edge, Brody pleads for her life to be spared and emotions are high when he offers Summer a proposition.

In tense scenes, Brody goes to extreme lengths to protect Sienna and Summer goes back on her word, with life-threatening consequences.

The next day, as the village residents’ try to come to terms with the consequences of yesterday's life-altering events, one resident goes to extreme lengths to ensure justice is served and another struggles to cope with mounting guilt.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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