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Summer in danger after making a shock discovery about Mike in Corrie

But what has she has discovered? And will Mike free her from the nursery?

When Summer announces that she’s got an appointment at the fertility clinic, Billy assures her that he won’t stand in her way this time.

With Todd and Paul determined to find out more about Mike and Esther, Paul suggests to Todd that the best plan of action might be to raise the money to pay Mike and Esther off in the hope they’ll leave Summer alone.

Having taken Summer for her blood test, Mike and Esther drop her off at home. But when Leanne clocks Mike, she realises he’s the drunken man who flirted with her in the bistro and tells Billy, who's deeply concerned and feels Summer needs to know the truth. How will she react?

When Todd tells Summer that he has been contacted by Ava, a member of the congregation at Mike and Esther’s old church, claiming she had an affair with Mike. Shocked, Summer decides to confront Esther who admits it's true but says they have agreed to put it behind them.

Deciding to meet up with Ava, Summer is shocked by what she discovers and furiously heads over to Mike and Esther's. But when Mike locks her in the nursery, Summer finds herself in danger as she's left without her bag and without her insulin.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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