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Summer is prepared to explore the idea of surrogacy in Corrie

Will Billy support her? And are Mike and Esther really who they say they are?

Calling at Mike and Esther’s house, Summer hands them an envelope containing her wages and Esther relents, inviting her in.

Touched by their kindness, Summer tells Mike and Esther she’s prepared to talk to their solicitor about surrogacy. But when Billy arrives at the house, having received a call from Esther, Summer’s shocked to see him. What will he make of her decision?

As Summer is forced to talk to Billy, will he support her decision? And pointing out that she can't avoid Aaron forever, Billy encourages Summer to attend Amy's party. Confiding in Paul, Billy says that he hopes Aaron will be able to make her see sense over her surrogacy plans.

Later, Billy is shocked when Summer reveals she is back with Aaron and he is fully behind her surrogacy plans.

At Mike and Esther’s house, Summer answers the door to the bailiffs and she's horrified as they start to gather up Mike and Esther's things.

When Mike and Esther return, Summer demands to know what is going on.

Over tea, Billy tells Summer that he’d like to accompany her to her appointment with the surrogacy consultant as he intends to support her in any way he can and Summer, Billy, Mike and Esther attend a meeting with the surrogacy counsellor.

Meanwhile, Todd confides in Paul that he’s not convinced Mike and Esther are the upstanding Christian couple they make themselves out to be and he intends to do some digging.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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