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Summer pays the price in Corrie for Todd's plan to split Paul and Billy up

Or will his efforts be in vein?

As Paul readies himself for his day in court, Todd makes a furtive call to Will.

Relieved, after being handed a community order, Paul and Billy agree to Todd's offer of a drink. On Todd's instructions, Will forces his way in to their flat and Summer is horrified to walk in and find him smashing up their things!

Dashing out, Summer runs straight into the path of an oncoming vehicle and as Billy, Paul and Todd return home, they’re horrified to find Summer lying in the road!

When Craig calls to investigate the burglary, Paul steels himself, revealing that the culprit was Will. Furious, Billy reads Paul the riot act for bringing Will into their lives.

Meeting Will in the ginnel, Todd slips him £50 and makes him dispose of his incriminating phone, telling him he never wants to set eyes on him again.

When Paul reveals to Todd that Will was responsible, Todd pretends to be shocked. And whilst he collects Summer from the hospital, Billy orders Paul to clear up the mess in the flat.

As Billy and Paul fuss over Summer, she senses the tension between them. Despite Paul doing his best to play it down, he's aware that his relationship is hanging by a thread. And when Billy rows with Paul for getting embroiled with Will and so endangering Summer’s life. Is their relationship over?

Paul’s anger soon turns to despair as Billy asserts that he has to put Summer first. Surveying the damage he’s caused, Todd feels a pang of guilt.

Finding Paul alone in the Rovers, Todd masks his discomfort as Paul confides in him about how it looks like he’s lost everything and only has himself to blame for letting Will into their lives.

But when Bernie urges Paul to not give up on Summer as it’s clear she loves him, he calls at the flat with an electric piano for a thrilled Summer.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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