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Summer's pregnancy leads to a shock offer in Corrie

What will she decide to do?

After Daniel hands Summer a bin bag full of Sinead’s clothes, Esther thanks Summer for all her help with the charity clothes swap, Summer admits that she was recently dumped and it’s been good to focus on something positive.

As Summer, Asha and Nina help with the clothes stall, Aaron walks past and Summer is quiet as she stares down the street. Aaron tells Asha he still cares about Summer, but needs to focus on his dad.

Meanwhile, in the cafe, Gemma shows Chesney a denim jacket she bought from the clothes swap. As she heads to the loo, her phone rings and when Chesney goes to get it out of the jacket pocket, a positive pregnancy test falls out!

When she tells him it's not hers, Chesney is relieved, but Gemma is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and it's Daisy, then Carla, who first come under scrutiny.

Recognising the jacket as Summer’s, Paul covers his shock and seeks out Summer to ask about the test. Confiding in him that her and Aaron are back together, Summer tells him that any decision about the baby will be made together.

To thank her for the work on the stall, Esther invites Summer for lunch at the Rovers and when her and Aaron arrive, Summer realises that Billy has also been invited.

When Paul arrives and makes a comment about her condition, Billy realises she's pregnant and Summer runs out of the pub followed by Esther.

Catching up with Summer in Victoria Garden, Esther explains how she and Mike can't have kids and suggests that she'd be willing to adopt her baby, leaving Summer dumbfounded.

When she tells Aaron, he's shocked and realises the enormity of the situation after Summer voices her concerns about pregnancy, diabetes and the problems she would face.

Returning home, Summer finds Billy, Todd and Paul discussing her pregnancy and body image issues.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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