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Susan is knocked to the ground by a group of hooded teenagers in Neighbours

Will she come clean to Karl about her deepest fears?


As left shoes and tubas go missing at Eirini Rising, Terese and Susan assume it’s kids again. Unaware that the kids have made a copy of the key, Jane firmly shuts this line of thinking down and suggests the thefts might be an inside job.

When Susan and Terese find the door to Eirini Rising locked, they’re forced to concede this might be the case. But when Susan enjoys a moment alone, she’s surprised by a group of teenagers carrying stolen instruments.

Panicking, the kids bolt, knocking Susan over in the process. As she falls hard on her wrist, Susan is frightened to realise that she isn’t strong enough to stand up on her own. Curled on the ground, Susan cries out for help, but nobody comes.

Eventually, Karl and Terese rush to Susan's side in Eirini Rising’s courtyard.

Wanting to appear back to normal, Susan powers through her private distress. But when she returns to work, she can no longer hide her unease, and she later confesses her deepest fears to a worried Karl.

Meanwhile, with Toadie still away, Terese is feeling the stress of the ongoing safety breaches at Eirini Rising and is only just managing to hold all the balls in the air.

When Andrew senses her worry, Terese confesses that she’s fearful that she’s made a terrible mistake as her venture was supposed to bring positivity to the community, but it seems to have been cursed from day dot.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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