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Suzy tells Vanessa the truth about Holly's death in Emmerdale, but lies to Moira

Where will Vanessa's loyalties lie?

Priya and Suzy excitedly prepare for the HOP/Take A Vow showcase, unaware that the slideshow includes a picture of Holly Barton on the day she died. And as Belle and Jai begin the presentation, not only does Priya struggle to see an image of herself without burns, but the problems escalate when the picture of Holly flashes up!

When Moira hounds Suzy for further information, Suzy is trapped as Moira has recognised Holly’s dress as the one she wore the day she died and is desperate to know what happened. But when Suzy lies, Moira's hopes are dashed.

Soon after, Vanessa challenges Suzy, knowing she has not told the truth about Holly and Suzy finally recounts what really happened the night Holly died. When Moira arrives, they worry that she’s overheard, but instead Moira apologises for lashing out earlier.

When Suzy doesn’t use this moment to tell Moira the truth, Vanessa is disappointed and instead, Suzy pleads with Vanessa to continue to keep her secret. Will Vanessa stay loyal to Suzy or her friend Moira?

Meanwhile, Matty struggles with the fact he was absent for Holly’s death.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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