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Suzy vows to live a cleaner life in Emmerdale

What does this mean for Leyla?

After Leyla lets slip to Vanessa that Suzy knew Holly, Vanessa is left shaken and after learning that Suzy lied to her, begins questioning how serious their relationship is.

Knowing that she’s lied to Vanessa about Holly’s death, Suzy thinks Vanessa is better off without her leaving her stunned. Determined and feeling she's at fault, Vanessa pleads with her not to give up on them.

When Leyla hears that Vanessa has managed to convince Suzy to stay, she's happy. But when Vanessa gets up to get a drink, Suzy informs Leyla that she’s going to start living a cleaner life leaving her concerned about where she’s going to get her next drug fix.

The next day, Leyla suggests that Suzy and Priya come over for brunch and a team building exercise, but Suzy suspects Leyla’s tactics.

With Holly's overdose still playing on her mind, alongside her relationship with Vanessa, Suzy informs Leyla that she’s staying off coke and that they should both quit whilst they're ahead. And Leyla is secretly alarmed when Suzy tips the remains down the sink.

Will Leyla see sense too?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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