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Teddy's advice helps Billy to bond with Will in EastEnders

But can the extended Mitchell family bond with each other?


At The Vic, Billy tells the Mitchells about the appointment he and Honey had at the school about Will and how Kevin used his legal skills to put the blame on Will, not Kyle.

Whilst Phil offers to help, Teddy suggests a more careful approach. As Stevie implores Teddy to stop threatening Phil’s position at the head of the family, he invites Phil to have a darts match. And when Phil suggests higher stakes for a rematch, Teddy can’t resist another round.

At No.18, Billy takes Teddy’s advice on how to handle Will, leading to an emotional moment between father and son.

Returning to The Vic, Billy thanks Teddy, who makes a big show of deferring to Phil as the head of the family.

Later, Phil suggests a lock-in for the Mitchells at The Boxing Den so they can bond and as Phil and Teddy warm to each other, Billy is left perturbed by their newfound friendship.

Following a Mitchell drinking session, Phil and Teddy get on the wrong side of Sharon by leaving the gym in a state.

Laying on the charm, Teddy tries to win Sharon round by inviting her for a drink. As they share a flirty drink, Stevie reckons his son shouldn’t be messing with Phil’s ex. When Teddy tries to convince Sharon to stay for another drink, she playfully rebuts him and heads off.

EastEnders continues Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm on BBC Two with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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