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Terese is hurt to discover that Melanie still loves Toadie and wants him back in Neighbours

But will Toadie be honest with Terese about his feelings?


Reeling from Melanie’s declaration, Toadie opts for avoidance, but when Terese finally confesses her own secret about visiting Paul and lying to Toadie about it, his guilt ramps up and he confronts Melanie.

However, far from closing the door on Melanie's hopes, Toadie only ignites them further.

Later, after Terese makes a scathing remark to Melanie while she’s picking up rubbish for her community service order, she responds by getting dressed up to the nines in her tiger print, and deliberately tempting Toadie.

Watching Melanie’s actions, but unaware of the full story, Holly becomes worried and decides to inform Karl who's equally concerned and encourages Toadie to be honest with Terese about what’s been going on.

In the meantime, Melanie has already blurted some of the story to Terese, and when Toadie comes home with flowers to apologise, Terese is already furious.

Rueful, Toadie reveals to Terese that Melanie declared she still loves him and wants him back. Shattered, Terese shares her hurt with Wendy.

Later, when Melanie questions whether Toadie told Terese how he felt, his hesitations speaks volumes.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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