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Terry knocks Liv UNCONSCIOUS in Emmerdale

Can brother Aaron arrive just in time to save her?

When Paddy persuades her to take a day off work, Liv is grateful for his support. But as Terry lurks, Liv returns home to find him waiting for her and demanding that she retract her statement to the police.

As Liv fights against Terry, he ends up knocking her down as she falls she hits her head on the table and falls unconscious. Panicking, Terry runs straight into a familiar face - her brother Aaron! As Aaron attacks Terry, Harriet arrives on the scene before he can inflict any further damage.

With Liv remaining unresponsive, the Paramedics are called and Aaron is arrested. Arriving at the hospital to a still unconscious Liv, Vinny is frantic and surprised to hear that Aaron was there to protect her.

Meanwhile, Chas is surprised to see Aaron who is contesting his own arrest and later rages at Harriet when she refuses her demands to release Aaron.

When Aaron is finally released, he and Chas head to see Liv, concerned about her condition. Arriving at the hospital to see Liv, Aaron is sternly denied by Vinny who insists Liv wants nothing to do with him.

Crestfallen, Aaron now wonders if his return to make amends was a mistake. Will Liv make a recovery? And can Aaron make it up to his sister Liv who previously admitted she could never forgive him?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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