The A Word returning for a third series

As BBC One confirm that filming will soon be underway in both the Lake District and Manchester, on the hit series which was last on our screens towards the end of 2017.

Once again The A Word will be written by Peter Bowker and returning to the show will be Max Vento, Morven Christie, Lee Ingleby, Molly Wright, Pooky Quesnel, Leon Harrop, Greg McHugh and Christopher Eccleston. They’ll be joined by some new faces including Julie Hesmondhalgh, Sarah Gordy and David Gyasi.

The new series takes place two years on from the end of the second series and Joe is now 10 and living in two places at once, processing the seismic change in his life through the filter of his autism.

Alison and Paul are divorced and live 100 miles apart, Nicola has moved to London and Eddie lives with his dad. Meanwhile, Rebecca has just realised she’s pregnant.

The only one holding it all together is Maurice, and whe