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The cast of Absolutely Fabulous reunite to look back at the show for a new documentary on GOLD

The reunion marks the first time that the cast have been together since 2016.

Absolutely Fabulous: Inside Out sees Jennifer Saunders, Dame Joanna Lumley, Jane Horrocks and Julia Sawalha reunite for the first time since 2016 to take a reflective look at Absolutely Fabulous, one of Britain’s most-loved comic creations set in the glamourous world of fashion PR in the 90s,

In what's being described as an exclusive rampage down memory lane, the four will pay tribute to much-missed castmember Dame June Whitfield, who played Mother, and celebrate its ground-breaking influence on female comedy.

They'll be joined by a host of fellow Absolutely Fabulous stars, celebrity cameos and famous fans to share unheard anecdotes, exclusive backstage secrets and personal reflections amongst a glittering array of archive’s best bits: from original scripts to high-fashion costumes, to never-before-seen moments from the rehearsal room that will bring viewers behind the scenes to see how the magic of Ab Fab was made.

Speaking ahead of the documentary which has already been filmed, creator and writer, Jennifer Saunders, who played Edina said "I loved making Ab Fab but I can’t remember a great deal, so much of this retrospective is a revelation to me. Thank you Gold for this kind and helpful programme."

To which Dame Joanna Lumley, who played Patsy, added "It was a fabulous wander down memory lane by actresses who only have the faintest grip on reality. Really thrilling, and I hope vastly entertaining. I loved every second."

Made by Expectation, Absolutely Fabulous: Inside Out is produced by Owen Braben, directed by Simon Loyd and executive produced by Jon Plowman and Ben Wicks.

Speaking about the documentary, Owen Braben said "It’s such a rare and precious treat to be able to invite viewers back into the world that Jennifer created, and tell the definitive story of Absolutely Fabulous. We’ll celebrate all of the most beloved Ab Fab moments, and hear the behind-the-scenes gossip from the cast and crew, as they reveal how they brought the show to our screens."

To which Jon Plowman, Executive Producer for Expectation, who also produced the first four series of Absolutely Fabulous added "It’s extraordinary that something that began 30 years ago is still finding an audience today. We must be doing something right… or wrong. Perhaps the secret of our success was the amount of champagne consumed on set before lunch."

And Ben Wicks, Creative Director, Entertainment for Expectation said "We’re overjoyed to make a show with Jennifer and Joanna that rejoices in all that was wonderful about Ab Fab – the most riotously funny show which satirised the era like nothing else whilst taking home more BAFTAs than Bolly in the process. Also it somehow predicted the future: now the whole nation’s parents are drunken embarrassments to their sober and politically enlightened Gen Z kids."

The documentary was developed by Amy Dallmeyer, Director of Development, Entertainment for Expectation, has been commissioned for UKTV by Kirsty Hanson, senior commissioning editor and ordered by Gerald Casey, channel director for Gold and Hilary Rosen, director of commissioning.

Speaking about the new retrospective, GOLD's channel director Gerald Casey said "Absolutely Fabulous is a viewer favourite and is as relevant and radical today as it was over thirty years ago. We’re so excited to give fans the opportunity to celebrate this much-loved series and hear anecdotes from the wonderful cast and crew as they return to the world of Patsy and Edina."

To which senior commissioning editor Kirsty Hanson added "Absolutely Fabulous captured the imagination of a whole generation of viewers and helped break the mould for female-led comedy TV forever. Fans of the show are in for a real treat with Jennifer, Joanna, Julia and Jane reuniting for what promises to be the comedy event of the year."

Absolutely Fabulous: Inside Out will air later this year on GOLD


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