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The Cleaner returning to BBC One for a second series

With Greg Davies back as everyone's favourite crime scene cleaner, Wicky.

The Cleaner is based on the long-running German comedy series Der Tatortreiniger (Crime Scene Cleaner), created by Ingrid Lausund and series two will see Greg Davies' character Wicky encounter yet another variety of larger than life characters, all in the wrong place at the wrong time. And as his luck will have it, there’s also a pub in desperate need of mopping up.

Series one featured guest stars such as Helena Bonham Carter, Ruth Madeley, David Mitchell, Layton Williams, Georgie Glen, Donald Sumpter and Stephanie Cole. Casting for series two is yet to be announced.

Speaking about returning to The Cleaner, Greg Davies said "It was such a pleasure bringing Wicky and his gory career to life and I’m beyond thrilled we get to do it again. So thrilled that I intend not to mention how sweaty that hazmat suit gets under lighting. Put it like this, we had to burn it. Anyway, I’m still excited, thanks BBC."

The second series will be written by Greg Davies and one other co-writer per episode made up of a combination of established and emerging comedy talents; Paul Allen, Ronan Blaney, Barry Castagnola, Meg Stalter and Mike Wozniak.

Executive Producer Vivien Muller Rommel said "We’re absolutely delighted to be back for a second series of The Cleaner, and the Christmas Special is going to be bloody marvellous, I promise."

The Cleaner will return to BBC One


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