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The Dingles receive their test results in Emmerdale

But will any of them carry the faulty BRCA2 gene?


At their respective houses, Cain, Caleb and Aaron prepare themselves to open their results.

When Cain tests negative for the faulty BRCA2 gene, Moira is bursting with relief whilst Cain, reflecting on all that Chas has had to deal with, feels irrationally guilty about his good luck.

And when Caleb also tests negative, the Miligans are all relieved as it means Nicky is in the clear too.

Meanwhile, in the flat above, Aaron’s grim when he realises that he’s inherited the faulty BRCA2 gene from his mum. And with Chas relieved to hear Cain and Caleb’s results, Aaron lies to her, claiming that he tested negative for the faulty gene. But when he sees how emotional and relieved his news has made his mum, will Aaron come clean about the truth?

The following day, as he continues to hide his secret, Aaron forces nonchalance when Chas expresses relief at the supposed results of his gene test. As the family reunite, Paddy brings Eve round to see Chas and with Chas and Paddy’s kiss hanging in the air like an elephant in the room, things get awkward when Mandy arrives. After bracing herself for when Mandy confronts her about the kiss with Paddy, their tense exchange ends with Chas stunned to hear that Mandy’s keen to draw a line under the situation.

Later in the week, at Marlon’s not so surprise party, Mandy’s furious when he lets slip that Chas broke off the kiss, not Paddy. How will she react as she struggles to digest this new piece of information?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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