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The Dingles take centre stage in Emmerdale as Lydia tries to find out who killed Craig

As we flashback to that day, who's not telling the truth?

In a special week of betrayal and secrets, the Dingle family take centre stage at a lock-in in the Woolpack as Lydia questions their whereabouts on the night of Craig’s death.

Through a series of flashbacks, the truth begins to emerge, revealing a tangled web of events leading up to his demise. As the layers of deception are peeled away, the truth will be revealed to the audience in a week where the only certainty is that nothing is as it seems.

On Monday, a horrified Billy stares down at Craig’s bloodied and lifeless body, found on the fields at Home Farm.

In the Woolpack, having gathered The Dingles, everyone is shocked when Lydia announces that Craig is dead. As the Dingles start to ponder what could have happened to Craig, Lydia is steadfast and sure one of them is responsible for his death.

In the knowledge Sam and Cain had Craig tied up in a remote barn, Lydia begins her investigation by focusing on their whereabouts. And in a series of flashbacks, it's revealed what happened at the barn.

After listening to Cain and Sam, Lydia’s search to find out who killed Craig is underway and Belle is caught out when the room shifts their focus to her alibi.

In flashback scenes we see Belle recount her day with Tom, who after a romantic meal proposed to Belle. But Belle’s not giving a true account of the full day. What exactly is she hiding? Will the Dingles accept Belle’s fabrication of events?

Lydia then shifts her focus onto the next suspect….Aaron, who fights back when the Dingles press him for his alibi. But when Aaron shifts the focus onto Charity, she's uneasy.

Flashing back to the previous day, Chas and Charity discuss the Craig situation, but the conversation soon shifts to another matter as Charity isn’t being honest about her conversation.

Soon, when it's their turn to reveal all, Caleb and Nate offer their account of the day and in flashback scenes, we see what really happened. Just what is Caleb hiding?

Next, Mandy and Marlon are thrust into the hot seat. Emotional Mandy is hiding a secret, but just what is she keeping back from her family?

And when Marlon talks through his day, we flashback to what really happened. However, Marlon chooses to miss out a big piece of information from his family.

Despite everyone's alibi being established, Lydia remains troubled that someone is being deceitful. Unable to bear her upset, a guilt ridden Sam reveals there’s more to his version of events and we finally find out what really happened to Craig that night.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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