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The McQueens fight back in Hollyoaks as Tony kicks them out before Christmas

Will he give in and save their Christmas?

Ripley's homemade eco-friendly dolls house, which they're selling, catches the attention of Kathleen-Angel, and Theresa asks Ripley to put it on hold whilst she tries to find the funds.

However, Theresa is later shocked to discover that Ripley’s dolls house has been sold to someone else, Dave. As she begs to buy it off him, she’s too late.

With Theresa down in the dumps after failing in her mission to get Kathleen-Angel the best Christmas present, the McQueens decide to tighten the belt and pull together to save for a new house.

Later, after Theresa asks Tony for a trial shift at The Dog, it's not long before she causes mischief and the McQueens are hit with another blow when Tony has a devastating announcement, they’re getting kicked out before Christmas!

Hoping that Tony will stop the sale of his home and let them have a roof over their heads for Christmas, the McQueens protest outside The Dog. But will their cries for help be successful?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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