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The past catches up with Gray in EastEnders

How far will he go to escape justice?

As Gray and Chelsea prepare to bring Jordan home, Gray's mind turns elsewhere when DCI Arthurs asks to talk to him about Tina.

At the station, Gray gives his DNA but questions why he is there, insisting he had nothing to do with Tina’s death. Realising the police have no evidence, Gray refuses to answer any further questions and leaves.

As Nancy and Frankie get ready to leave for France, Nancy reveals she saw Gray leaving with DCI Arthurs. Rushing to Gray's house, Mick and Shirley barge in, adamant to find out what’s going on.

Upping the emotion, Gray makes out he's grieving for Tina has died, insisting he will try and help them where he can. But after learning some new information from Shirley, Gray panics and plans his escape.

At the café, Janine can’t help herself and let’s slip to Sonia and Whitney about Tina leaving them both heartbroken and it doesn’t take Whitney long to put two and two together.

Shaken, Whitney reveals to Mick that she thinks Gray killed Tina.

As Mick reels from Whitney’s bombshell, Shirley demands to know what’s happening and Whitney and Mick are left with no choice but to tell her.

Despite Mick’s doubts, everything falls into place for Shirley and she vows to end Gray, storming out of The Vic to find him and tries to break down Gray’s door.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is concerned over the idea of Jordan coming home with Gray and when Gray is a no show at the hospital, she and Denise are confused.

Soon, Chelsea receives a call from a panicked Gray who tells her to come home straight away as they are going away for a few weeks. But as he refuses to explain what's going on, Chelsea is even more suspicious when she hears Shirley banging on the door at the other end of the phone.

Elsewhere, with Kheerat still on the run, Suki fails in her attempt to postpone the meeting with Ranveer and Vinny begs her to let him help. After some encouragement from Dotty, Suki reluctantly agrees.

However, Ranveer is less than impressed and things quickly turn sour when he demands to speak to Kheerat. Although much to their surprise, Kheerat arrives in the nick of time and takes charge of the meeting, putting Ranveer’s mind at ease that all is on track with the investment leaving Vinny feeling pushed out.

When Ranveer leaves, Kheerat reveals he’s wanted by the police so is leaving the Square for good. On his way out, Kheerat runs into Stacey and says his goodbyes before sharing a passionate kiss.

Before he can leave, Whitney spots him and pleads for his help in protecting Chelsea. Refusing, he tells her he can’t get involved anymore.

But when he spots an exchange between Gray and Denise, he rushes to the hospital to warn Chelsea what’s happening. Will he get there in time?

With the walls closing in on Gray he turns to the only person he can trust - Karen. Refusing to believe Whitney and Mick’s accusation that Gray killed Tina, Karen protects Gray and hides him in the flat.

Grateful, Gray pours his heart out to Karen, leaving her falling for his lies more than ever before. Mitch on the other hand is not so convinced and it’s only a matter of time before he learns the truth about Gray abusing and killing Chantelle.

How will Mitch react to the devastating news?

Battling with recent revelations, Mitch tries to tell Karen, but she only wants to believe the best about her former son-in-law. Can anything convince Karen that Gray is a murderer?

Arriving home, Chelsea is stunned to find Gray waiting for her. With everything at stake, Chelsea demands the truth from Gray. But will he come clean?

With Gray unable to control, Chelsea's confrontation with Gray may be the last thing she does. Will help arrive in time for Chelsea?

Desperate for her moment of reckoning with Gray, Whitney tracks him down. But what will happen when the two have their showdown?

With the truth about his dark past finally coming to light, police flooding the Square and numerous people with eyes for revenge, Gray realises his options are quickly running out.

How far will he go to escape justice? And will someone else take matters into their own hands?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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