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The police line up their suspects in Emmerdale as Caleb remains in a coma

Will Caleb pull through and will we get closer to the truth?

As Chas and Cain watch over Caleb in a coma, Chas is suspicious of Cain when two detectives, DS Raveley and DC Croft, arrive to question him.

Elsewhere, Chloe worries about Mack's involvement and Will's strange behaviour fuels Gabby and Kim's suspicions.

Just as they leave for the airport for their trip away, DS Raveley arrives to question a panicked Will who is relieved when Kim and Gabby corroborate his alibi. But once the detective's gone, Kim demands the truth behind Will’s shifty behaviour.

Leyla's alibi meanwhile, is rather fragile and Mack tries to play dumb when he is in turn questioned.

When his alibi doesn't add up, and Chloe fails to corroborate his story, the police arrest him and at the Police Station, the detectives continue to grill Mack.

Aware things are looking damning, he begins to panic and Charity worries for Mack when Chloe begins to lose faith in his innocence.

Meanwhile, hearing the news that Caleb might be being brought out of his coma, Chas heads to the hospital, where she is shocked to see Charity at Caleb’s bedside.

As the pair argue about Mack’s potential guilt, an emotional Nicky turns up to see his dad and elsewhere David urges Leyla to tell the police the truth. And at the Dingles, Chas accuses Zak and Cain of hiding something.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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