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The police show up in EastEnders as Aaron takes over from Neil as leader of the group

But who are they after? And what does this mean for Bobby and Dana?

Despite Harvey encouraging him to keep a low profile, Aaron is adamant about going to work and soon comes face-to-face with Neil who shows him a disturbing video.

Throwing Aaron against the wall, Neil accuses him of being a grass.

When Harvey returns, he orders Neil out who threatens to hurt dana. With Aaron's blood boiling, a panicked Harvey calls Dana and tells her to come home.

Aaron's plan to convince the group that Neil has lost his mind, works, with the catch being that he must now take his place and run the operation in Manchester.

Harvey begs Aaron to reconsider, but he tells his dad that there is no other way to keep them safe. As he heads out, Aaron lies to Dana, telling her he's going to Manchester for work.

After opening up to Callum about his worries about the Far Right, Bobby accidentally spills a drink on Aaron. Spotting something that unnerves him, Bobby tells Dana his fears.

Dana confronts her brother who accuses Bobby of manipulating her and suggests Dana come to Manchester with him. Who will she choose?

Hoping to convince Aaron to not go to Manchester, Harvey gives Aaron money but instead, Harvey is left distraught after his son serves him some home truths.

Showing up, Bobby surprises Aaron and Dana and as the police burst in.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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