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The Rovers reopens in time for New Year's Eve celebrations in Corrie

But will the reopening be a success?

When Jenny, Daisy, Sean, Glenda and Gemma head to the Rovers armed with boxes of booze, Jenny and Daisy look proudly on as the locals muck in and prepare the pub for the grand reopening. And Gary hangs Betty’s picture back on the wall in pride of place.

As Jenny, Glenda, Sean and Gemma compare their bad-taste outfits in readiness for the evening ahead, one resident is less than impressed with the costume.

At the countdown to midnight, everyone heads out of the pub and joins Glenda in singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Later on in the week, Daisy’s miffed when Jenny firmly vetoes her special offer ideas to boost custom at the pub, but when Bethany calls into the Rovers and sneeringly remarks on how empty it is, Daisy defiantly writes out a sign offering a free drink with every hotpot purchased.

Coronation Street continues New Year's Eve to 5th January on ITV1


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