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Theresa puts herself in danger as she takes a stand against Ali on Misbah's behalf in Hollyoaks

But has she underestimated him? And will she become his next victim?

Please note these spoilers are for Monday 6th December to Friday 17th December

After an intense protest, Theresa begins to worry about Nana’s health. But Nana McQueen won’t sit still as she’s offered a starring role in a commercial. And later there’s a change of heart from Goldie as she decides to set new boundaries with Nana.

Elsewhere, demanding justice, Ali names his attacker to the police and the anticipation of an arrest divides the Maaliks as they question each other’s innocence. And later, the police show up with an arrest warrant...

Comforting a disheartened Misbah, Theresa decides to take a stand on her behalf and Ali is confronted by Shaq who is struggling to believe his father is unredeemable. However, an outburst makes it unclear whether Ali’s motive is justice or revenge.

As Misbah struggles to forgive and forget, Theresa tries to recruit Shaq to help with her plan. But when Shaq insists it’s too dangerous, will Theresa listen?

Later, Theresa openly flirts with Ali but unknown to her, someone is watching and questioning what she’s up to.

A voiceover from Misbah reveals that Theresa could be underestimating Ali. When Verity spots her on her date, Shaq is forced to reveal what he knows. But will Misbah be able to save Theresa from becoming another one of Ali’s victims?

Later, Imran is tired of sitting on the sidelines and confronts Ali himself. How far will Imran go to get closure for Misbah?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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