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Things don't go to plan for Yazz's career in Hollyoaks as she opens up about her struggles

Can Misbah help her daughter?

Attending a marriage counselling session with Yazz, Tom is worried when he realises they’ve not completed the task needed.

Later at Hollyoaks High, the new headmaster asks Beau to help him put a presentation together that night but when Yazz shares an idea to help change the social curriculum that Carter likes the sound of, she too is asked to stay behind to help put it together.

As Tom supports Yazz with her career, while she’s working on the presentation, he finds her asleep at her laptop.

The following day, Yazz is forced to tell Beau that she didn’t get to finish the presentation and she's horrified to be told that it's been moved to this afternoon. As Yazz scrambles to produce the presentation, things don't go to plan and Carter suggests she takes the rest of the day off, saying he’ll talk to her tomorrow in his office.

After her freakout during yesterday's presentation, Tom helps her prepare for her chat with Carter. As she opens to him about being exhausted, Carter tells her that although he’s impressed with her, he thinks she needs to take some time to rest at home.

Back at the Maaliks, Yazz lashes out at her family just as Misbah returns home. With things still tense between Tom and Yazz, Misbah wants to help and gets Yazz to open up to her about her true feelings, admitting that since the ectopic pregnancy, work was the only thing keeping her focused.

And while testing out the new bench Zain has been working on, Misbah opens up to him about her concerns for Yazz.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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