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Things go from bad to worse for the Hutchinsons in Hollyoaks

Will Tony be able to turn around The Dog's poor trade?

With Tony struggling to bring money into The Dog, Ste sees the new menu and tells him that he'll put together a better one that people will be interested in.

Later, Tony dismisses Ste’s Stodgy Spread menu, but when Zoe and Sharon accidentally pick it up and ask to order from it wanting comfort food, Ste steps in to help. And Tony decides to go ahead with Ste’s suggested menu, adding some of his own upper-class tweaks.

Worried about the the lack of custom in The Dog, Tony is left with some food for thought when he bumps into Yazz who praises Tony for supporting Beau through his suspension.

Voicing his concerns to Diane, Tony tells her how he’s unsure how they’ll manage to support the family with the pub not bringing in money.

After dipping his toes into the world of social media and trying to be an influencer himself, Tony is saved when real influencer Libby returns, offering to help bring in people to The Dog.

Later, the food journalist interviewing Tony gets the wrong end of the stick, but realising he could gain front page coverage, much to Diane and Ste’s despair, Tony decides to continue with the lie that once a week The Dog provides free food for those struggling.

With the journalist blown away by Tony’s kindness and people flocking in for free food, Tony is optimistic.

The following day, it’s the Hutchinson’s kids’ 12th birthday, but an article in The Chester Herald on Tony’s personal life has him rattled and he’s determined to know who it was that shared the information with the journalists.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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