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Things heat up between Ethan and Dilly following her shock confession in Hollyoaks

What could it be? And is this the end of Ethan and Sienna?

Following the ring scandal, the Earl fires Nadira who knowing Sienan is behind it, confronts her.

Hearing how the preparation for the wedding shoot has been cancelled, Sienna admits to Nadira she has a crush on Rafe and wants him to notice her and Nadira agrees to help Sienna if she gets her job back for her.

On her birthday, Dilly wants company and manages to convince Ethan to be her platonic playmate and help her steal petty cash from her brother. With a false excuse made up, Rafe and Sienna have to step in as bride and groom models. But things take a turn for the worse when Sienna accidentally breaks an irreplaceable ornament.

We soon discover that it’s the anniversary of the death of the Harcourt siblings’ mother who died in childbirth.

As Ethan tries to friendzone a persistent Dilly, Sienna and Rafe grow closer until a message stops him in his tracks and he tells her they have to end things. However, Sienna is determined not to give up on her plan with Rafe, whilst Ethan seems to be having doubts.

When Rafe tries to get his sister to face her responsibilities, Dilly encourages him to find Sienna and beg for her forgiveness so he’s not alone as she wants nothing to do with it all.

Later, Sienna demands to know why the Earl keeps pushing her away as they both like each other, but Rafe tells her he knows she’s only after his money and offers her a cheque for £50,000.00 in return for leaving him alone. Screwing it up, Sienna walks out.

When Ethan pleads with her to end their scheme, Sienna refuses and he questions if it’s about the money or Rafe. In return, she quizzes him on his feelings for Dilly.

Soon, Ethan finds a drunk Dilly at The Loft and she reveals a shocking confession. And with everything being too much for him, Ethan begs Sienna to put an end to the scheme. But when she refuses, he gives her an ultimatum. Him or Rafe.

Hurting after his and Sienna’s latest break up, Ethan turns to Dilly and things get steamy in The Loft as the pair hook up.

Later, the Earl asks Sienna to allow him to help get the twins into a good school and she asks Ste to pretend to be Warren to help her secure a bursary for a prestigious school by promoting a strong family unit. But things don’t go to plan when James turns up.

Just when Sienna feels like she’s ruined the twins’ chances, Rafe arrives at her front door with the teacher to tell her the school would like to offer Sophie and Sebastian places and that the fees will be covered by the Harcourt Trust.

With his breakup from Sienna still fresh, Dilly is left feeling awkward after their encounter and decides to leave Ethan and his feelings alone.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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