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Things start looking up for Paddy in Emmerdale as he shares a kiss with Chas

When she asks him to come home for good, what will he decide to do?

Understanding the impact of his absence, Paddy offers to spend some time with Chas and Eve as a family. Later, Chas listens in as Paddy reads to Eve, happy so see her family back together.

When Paddy offers Chas a hug, she melts into his arms and they kiss. However, the moment is interrupted when Eve calls down and they pull away instantly.

The next day, excited about the wedding, Charity and Chas pop the champagne in the Salon with Mandy, but when she learns from Charity that Chas and Paddy kissed, Mandy struggles to hide her feelings.

Meanwhile, Paddy is furious when he overhears Bear confronting Chas about the other night. Processing Paddy’s reaction, Chas hopes he still has feelings for her after all.

Over in the salon, Mandy does her best to get a handle on her emotions in front of Charity, but feeling overwhelmed, she rushes out for coffee. Bumping into Paddy, he explains to her that he’s in turmoil over whether he should go back to Chas.

Trying not to show her true feelings, Mandy encourages Paddy to pursue what makes him happy. A devastated Charity is forced to reveal her hair to the pub, leaving everyone shocked.

Suddenly realising that she’s late to check on Charity’s hair, she rushes back to the Salon to find Charity looking like a curly blonde poodle.

Later, Chas attempts to address the kiss with Paddy which only exacerbates the pressure he feels to make a decision. And he's left stunned when Chas asks for forgiveness and for him to come home for good. What will he decide to do?

Meanwhile, Vinny suggests that Mandy should try dating, but she assures him that he’s the only man she needs. Mandy is grateful for Vinny’s support.

And Paddy and Bear bond on a fishing trip.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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